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Release Name: OpenSim Moco 0.3.0

Release Notes

OpenSim Moco 0.3.0 Two major additions are included in this Moco release: reporting the breakdown of solution objective terms and contact force tracking. When using MocoCasADiSolver, MocoSolution now provides a breakdown of the terms in the objective. The portions of the total objective for all terms (including their weights) can be accessed by the methods getObjectiveTerm() and getObjectiveTermByIndex() on MocoSolution, and are also printed to the command line or console window upon arriving at a solution. MocoContactTrackingGoal was added, allowing minimization of error between model compliant contact forces and experimentally measured contact force data. Currently, this goal does not track torques or centers of pressure, and only supports the SmoothSphereHalfSpaceForce contact element included with Moco. Other minor changes in this release include renaming exampleSitToStand to exampleSquatToStand, moving the bisection root solver in DeGrooteFregly2016Muscle to a dedicated utility in MocoUtilities, and a bug fix in the report generation tool related to the STOFileAdapter no longer have a read() method due to a recent change in OpenSim's API. These changes, and changes from previous releases, are reflected in