[Openmm-news] Preview Release 4 of OpenMM now available

Joy P. Ku joyku at stanford.edu
Fri Aug 28 17:10:41 PDT 2009

Simbios is pleased to announce Preview Release 4 of OpenMM. 


This release adds support for:

-          Energy computations on GPUs

-          Ewald summation

-          A complete set of C and Fortran wrappers

-          A faster algorithm for handling constraints 

-          Many minor enhancements, including the option to select a
specific CUDA device to use and a default setting so that the CPU is
available for other computations when information is requested of the GPU


A theory guide with detailed descriptions of the force fields and
algorithms used in OpenMM is also available.


You can get the latest version of OpenMM from




Joy P. Ku

Director of Dissemination

Simbios, Stanford University


(W) 650.736.8434 

(F) 650.723.7461

Email:  joyku at stanford.edu

Website:  http://simbios.stanford.edu


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