[Openmm-news] OpenMM Jamboree, OpenMM on Github, Community Repository

Joy P. Ku joyku at stanford.edu
Wed Jul 10 13:22:48 PDT 2013

We are excited to announce a number of new resources for you to get more
out of OpenMM and to also become more involved with the community:


OpenMM Jamboree

.         Looking for expert advice on how to integrate OpenMM into your
own code?

.         Searching for answers as to why a particular OpenMM function is
not working as expected?

.         Want to meet the OpenMM developers and collaborate with other
OpenMM users? 


Check out the OpenMM Jamboree, to be held August 22-23, 2013.  Ideal for
individuals who are already using OpenMM, the Jamboree enables
participants to engage deeply with OpenMM experts and developers on their
particular OpenMM project for two solid days.


Registration is free but limited.   For more information or to register,
visit http://simbios.stanford.edu/jamboree.htm.


OpenMM on Github

The source code for OpenMM is now available on Github:
https://github.com/SimTk/openmm.   You can now easily see what other
OpenMM developers are doing with OpenMM and submit your own contributions
back to OpenMM.


Community Repository

Visit http://wiki.simtk.org/openmm/VirtualRepository to access tools that
extend the capabilities of OpenMM, e.g., aMD integrators, multiple time
step integrator.  We encourage you to also contribute any scripts,
tutorials, or other resources that you have developed for OpenMM.


And if you haven't checked out the latest version of OpenMM (5.1), we
recommend you do so.  There are large speed improvements, plus support for
GROMACS TOP files and Intel's OpenCL platform.


Joy P. Ku, PhD

Director,   <http://simbios.stanford.edu/> Simbios

Director of Communications & Training,  <http://opensim.stanford.edu/>

Stanford University


(w)  650.736.8434, (f)  650.723.7461

Email:   <mailto:joyku at stanford.edu> joyku at stanford.edu


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