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Joy P. Ku joyku at stanford.edu
Fri Jul 17 14:53:32 PDT 2015

Folding at home (http://folding.stanford.edu) is the world's largest
distributed computing project, using the power of CPUs, GPUs, and
smartphones contributed by over 180,000 volunteers from around the world
to study and fight diseases like Alzheimer's, cancer, and infectious
diseases such as Ebola. Folding at home is powered by the high-performance
open-source toolkit for molecular simulations, OpenMM (http://openmm.org).


We are looking for a software engineer to join Vijay Pande's lab at
Stanford University to advance the Folding at home project.  As the primary
software engineer, you will be responsible for coordinating the
development of the software pipeline from identifying needs and designing
new features, to programming and testing the code, to supporting the
Folding at home users. Your technical contributions, interactions with
researchers, and working relationships with industrial partners like
NVIDIA and Sony will make you a critical part of advancing this unique and
valuable resource for the research community.

To learn more or to apply, visit
.ValymnZIYTQ.email> &lang=en#.ValymnZIYTQ.email




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