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Ed Chadwick

I'm involved in musculo-skeletal modelling of the shoulder and upper limb.
Institution: Keele University - ISTM

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Satyajit Halder

I am working on Trajectory optimization of sit-to-stand motion of human with disability in single leg.
Institution: Indian Institute of Technology Madras

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Massimo Sartori

My goal is to establish a unique roadmap for discovering fundamental principles of movement at the interface between humans and machines. My research focuses on understanding the neuro-musculo-skeletal mechanisms underlying human movement and how these are altered by impairment. I apply neuro-mechanical modelling and electrophysiological signal processing, in a translational way, to develop real-time bioinspired technologies for restoring natural motor function and for enhancing human health. I am currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Twente where I direct the Neuromechanical Modelling & Engineering Lab.
Institution: University of Twente

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Yihui Zhao

Institution: University of Leeds