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Ed Chadwick

I'm involved in musculo-skeletal modelling of the shoulder and upper limb.
Institution: Keele University - ISTM

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Melisa Frisoli

Biomechanics Modeling - Rehabilitation - Biomechanics teaching.
Institution: Facultad de Ingenieria - Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos

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Po Hsun Huang

Institution: National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan)

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Rufaida Hussain

(modeling and simulation neuromusculoskeletal systems under functional electrical stimulation),
Institution: Damascus

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Wayne Johnson

Institution: Armstrong State University

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Benjamin Michaud

Institution: Université de Montréal

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Ahmad Momani

simulating neuromuscular system interaction with the aircraft inceptor
Institution: Binghamton University

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Teresa Russo

Institution: Politecnico Torino

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mesbah sharifi

Institution: iut