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Carolina Brum Medeiros

I'm an engineer working with sensor and data fusion for human motion analysis. My interest on the software is to get a tool where I can visualize the results of several approaches for marker placement and marker data processing. I also would like to convert kinematic data - from MARG sensors - into skeleton motion, as I do using Visual3D
Institution: McGill

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Dario Cazzola

Biomechanical modelling of cervical spine
Institution: University of Bath

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Dhruv Gupta

Institution: The University of Texas at Austin

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Claude Hayford

For biomechanical analysis of activities of interest
Institution: University of Ghana

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Mo Hossny

Integration with Wii
Institution: Deakin University

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Ahmad Momani

simulating neuromuscular system interaction with the aircraft inceptor
Institution: Binghamton University

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Teresa Russo

Institution: Politecnico Torino

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Shiro Yano

Institution: Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology