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Ben Conrad

Institution: University of Wisconsin

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Gordon Deane

Modelling robot dynamics
Institution: Cambridge Medical Robotics Ltd.

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Christopher Dembia

Institution: Stanford University

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James Dunne

Clinical applications of advanced modeling techniques
Institution: Stanford university

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Thomas Geijtenbeek

Institution: Delft University of Technology

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Helge Gudmundsen

Institution: None

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Gerhard Hejc

Simulation of water in electromagnetic fields
Institution: Fraunhofer IIS

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Peter J

Institution: RACE, UT

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Claudio Pizzolato

Development of a visual biofeedback technology based on the estimation of muscle force in real-time.
Institution: Griffith University

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Michael Sherman

As Simbios chief software architect I am responsible for the overall design of SimTK and the degree to which it serves biomedical research needs. I have also written a lot of SimTK code, especially relating to Simbody.
Institution: Stanford University

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Andrew Slateff

Biomechanics, Kinematics, Kinematic Geometry, Motion Analysis, Dynamics, Dynamical Systems, Multiple Scale Systems, Singular Perturbations, Sports Biomechanics, Multibody Systems, Robotics, Running, Cross Country Skiing, Strength Training, Sensorimotor Training
Institution: TU Vienna

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Yanhao Zhu

An interest in multibody dynamics solver
Institution: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor