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Michael Asmussen

Institution: University of Calgary

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Richard Bolger

Simulation and biomechanics
Institution: University of Limerick

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Marcus Brookshaw

Gait analysis.
Institution: Univeristy of New Brunswick

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Carolina Brum Medeiros

I'm an engineer working with sensor and data fusion for human motion analysis. My interest on the software is to get a tool where I can visualize the results of several approaches for marker placement and marker data processing. I also would like to convert kinematic data - from MARG sensors - into skeleton motion, as I do using Visual3D
Institution: McGill

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Katie Ewing

My PhD project investigates the efficacy of knee braces in preventing knee injury during landing.
Institution: University of Melbourne

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Mahdi Hassan

Institution: wichita state university

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Chris Hayot

Institution: ESP-Consulting

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Bach Quoc Hoa

Building simulators
Institution: UPMC

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Hubert Kim

Modeling in Physiology
Institution: Virginia Tech

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John O Connor

Orthopedic biomechanics
Institution: Queens University, Belfast

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Rahul Pandey

Institution: Stanford University

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Gunjan Patel

Gait Analysis, Human movement analysis, Wearable gait monitoring systems, Algorithm and software tool and app development
Institution: IIT Madras

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Neil Petroff

I'm interested in physical medicine and rehabilitation and health and human performance. I would like to start doing dynamic modeling, especially of gait.
Institution: Tarleton State University

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Stacey Rigney

Computational modelling of running-specific prostheses for use in gait analysis and forward dynamics simulations.
Institution: UNSW Australia

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Andrew Slateff

Biomechanics, Kinematics, Kinematic Geometry, Motion Analysis, Dynamics, Dynamical Systems, Multiple Scale Systems, Singular Perturbations, Sports Biomechanics, Multibody Systems, Robotics, Running, Cross Country Skiing, Strength Training, Sensorimotor Training
Institution: TU Vienna

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Simon Taylor

Investigate anthropometric data on movement performance.
Institution: Victoria University

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Raymond Teo

Muscle modelling
Institution: University of Cape Town

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bao wendy

apply opensim to automobile
Institution: jilin university