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Woo-seong Choi

Institution: Seoul National University(hccl)

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Katie Ewing

My PhD project investigates the efficacy of knee braces in preventing knee injury during landing.
Institution: University of Melbourne

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clement favier

Institution: imperial college london

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William Johnson

Institution: The University of Western Australia

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Bryce Killen

Institution: Griffith University

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Ricardo Matias

Modelling upper extremity.
Institution: Champalimaud Foundation & University Lisbon

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Luca Modenese

Musculoskeletal modelling and subject specific modelling
Institution: Imperial College London

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Dan Rothwell

I am a PhD student working on the project titled 'Aging post very severe injury' and commenced studies in October 2016.
Institution: Loughborough University

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Dimitar Stanev

Modeling and simulation of the neuromusculoskeletal systems.
Institution: University of Patras Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Andrew Vigotsky

Institution: Northwestern University

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Phoebe Xu

Institution: BHSAI