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Julie Ellis

Institution: University of Saskatchewan

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Aseel Ghazwan

Institution: Cardiff University

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Carlos Gonçalves

Institution: SARAH Network of Rehabilitation Hospitals

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su guke

Institution: Northeast Normal University

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Giuliano Lamberto

modeling the knee joint
Institution: The University of Sheffield

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Pouyan Mehryar

Institution: University of Leeds

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agustin ona

Institution: Politecnico di Torino

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Vivek Payasi

Institution: IIT Madras Chennai

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Vishal R

Control of transfemoral prosthesis
Institution: University of Groningen

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Stacey Rigney

Computational modelling of running-specific prostheses for use in gait analysis and forward dynamics simulations.
Institution: UNSW Australia

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Leonardo Felipe Santos

I'm an undergraduate student in Mechatronics Engineering, beginning to study biomechanics and exoskeletons. My initial approach is the development and application of transparency control in exoskeletons.
Institution: University of São Paulo

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Simone Tassani

Institution: Universitat Pompeu Fabra

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Alessandro Timmi

Interested in OpenSim for biomechanical analyses
Institution: The University of Melbourne