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Alex Breen

OPENSIM. an attempt to use opensim models to view lumbar spine kinematics data acquired of in vivo in 3D
Institution: AECC

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Kevin Brownhill

Visualising the results of analyses of kinematic data
Institution: University College of Osteopathy

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Katelyn Burkhart

Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Dario Cazzola

Biomechanical modelling of cervical spine
Institution: University of Bath

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Gino Coates

Institution: University of Melbourne

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James Cropper

Institution: Sinclair Community College

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cansel dogru

Institution: istanbul university

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Andrew Lynch

Institution: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

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Thomas Overbergh

Institution: Belgium

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Paulien Roos

Institution: CFDRC

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Andrew Slateff

Biomechanics, Kinematics, Kinematic Geometry, Motion Analysis, Dynamics, Dynamical Systems, Multiple Scale Systems, Singular Perturbations, Sports Biomechanics, Multibody Systems, Robotics, Running, Cross Country Skiing, Strength Training, Sensorimotor Training
Institution: TU Vienna

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Alessandro Timmi

Interested in OpenSim for biomechanical analyses
Institution: The University of Melbourne

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bao wendy

apply opensim to automobile
Institution: jilin university