Mechanical Testing of Musculoskeletal Joints

The BioRobotics Core at the Cleveland Clinic has several robotic systems considered musculoskeletal simulators. Mechanical testing of knee joints will be performed using a simVitro System. This system includes:

Robot Specifications

Rotopod R2000; Parallel Robotic Systems Corp., Hampton, NH, USA

Load Cell Specifications

Tibiofemoral Testing: Theta, ATI Industries Corp., Apex, NC, USA

Patellofemoral Testing: Omega85, ATI Industries Corp., Apex, NC, USA

Digitizer and Motion Capture Specifications

Optotrak Certus, Northern Digital Inc., Waterloo, Ontario, CA

Data Collection and Control Software

simVITRO, Cleveland Clinic BioRobotics Lab, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Sample rates, channel names, channel units, and other experiment and setup specific parameters are recorded for each experiment run in the experiment run folder.

This system allows the robot to operate in real-time force feedback control, as well as position control, so that loading trajectories can be applied to determine joint kinetic and kinematic responses.



2013RB-001-002.A simVITRO Data File Structure Quick Reference Guide.pdf

simVITRO File Organization, Contents, and Conventions Specification_Rev01.pdf


simVITRO GravityCompensation_Rev01.pdf

2011RB-029_Digitizing probe accuracy study_Rev01.pdf


Peripheral_Soft_Tissue_Effects.pdf (WCB 2014 abstract)

Knee Coordinate Systems.pdf

2013CB-031-001.A_State Configuration File Explanations.pdf

2013CB-031-002.B simVITRO Data File Contents_Open Knee.pdf

Key publication

Noble LD, Jr., Colbrunn RW, Lee DG, van den Bogert AJ, Davis BL. Design and validation of a general purpose robotic testing system for musculoskeletal applications. J Biomech Eng. 2010;132(2):025001.Abstract in PubMed.

Patella Registration

Pressure Measurement

Characterization of Tissue Mechanical Properties

Specimen Cutting

Dumbell shaped tensile sample die cutter and arbor press

Circular shaped compression sample die cutter and arbor press


Sample Grips and Indentors

Tensile Grips with alignment fixture


Sample Thickness Measurement System

Custom optical thickness measurement system.

Uniaxial Mechanical Testing System

Biomomentum Mach-1 Mechanical Tester

Sample Enviroment

Saline bath

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