Weekly Update in lieu of Recurring Meeting of Cleveland Clinic Core Team

Date: February 21, 2017

Provided by: Snehal Chokhandre

Ongoing Action Items:


  1. Tissue testing.
    • Snehal completed 8 repeatability tests (unconfined compression) for a rubber sample. It appears that there is ~10% error in repeatability over the 8 tests. For results see the Specifications/ExperimentationTissueMechanics. The expectations was that the tests would have a better repeatability than 10%. An assessment of whether these errors are due to the test set up, variations in applied displacement, data filtering, variation in measured loads or the material itself, is required.

    • Snehal will check the displacement repeatability and filter the force data at 2Hz and 200 Hz for the 8 rubber tests to understand the role of filtering She will also repeat the calibration process and check if there is any variability in load measurements.
    • Snehal will also conduct repeatability tests for rubber by a) measuring thickness before each test, b) by using a larger sample and, c) by using slower strain rates. There will be 8 tests for each set.
    • Snehal also received a confirmation for a middle aged trial specimen (48 years old) from Anatomy Gifts Registry. The specimen will be delivered on Wednesday. Snehal will dissect the specimen and harvest tissues for further testing along with the 78 years old specimen. The cartilage (all tests) and meniscus tensile tests were repeatable over several samples for the previous young specimen (40 years old). If the tests are repeatable for the 48 years old specimen it may indicate that the specimen age (or potentially lower degeneration of cartilage) potentially affects the repeatability. The tests for the samples from the 78 year old donor have not been repeatable so far and there was visible degeneration of the tissue (only cartilage samples tested so far).
    • Snehal is also working on Python scripts to make them more modular.
  2. Data manuscripts.
    • No progress.
  3. Segmentation.
    • No progress.
  4. Other.
    • None noted.

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