OpenMM Troubleshooting Guide

=== Errors During Installation === [notebookHelp] 1. [Mac/Linux] The installation script fails, and "Permission denied" appears somewhere in the output.

2. [Windows] The Python API installer displays an error that the required Python version "was not found in the registry".

3. [Windows] A "Program Compatibility Assistant" window appears with the warning, "This program might not have installed correctly."

Errors Running the Script

1. The script fails with the message, "Failed to import OpenMM packages."

2. The script does not list the OpenCL and/or CUDA platforms as being available.

3. [Mac] An error occurs computing forces with the OpenCL platform.

4. The script crashes when it gets to the CUDA platform.

Errors Running Simulations

1. Creating a System from a PDB file fails with the message, "No template found for residue."

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