Problems using svFSI compiled with Trilinos

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Christian Bilas
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Problems using svFSI compiled with Trilinos

Post by Christian Bilas » Fri Dec 07, 2018 6:10 am

Dear Simvascular Developers,

I currently have a problem using svFSI compiled with Trilinos.

I am using the cylinder geometry (and mesh) provided in the simulation guide.
When prescribing pressure boundary conditions on both sides of the cylinder, the solution is zero everywhere, i.e., the pressure is zero everywhere within the first iteration and thus, the velocity as well. (Same happens if two resistances values are prescribed)
This happens even if no preconditioning is used.

Using the same setup, but svFSI compiled without Trilinos, works fine, i.e., the prescribed pressure values at the boundaries are set correctly, which results in a desired velocity flux.

Other examples, where for example a flux and a pressure are prescribed as boundary conditions, are working fine with both executables (compiled with and without Trilinos).

Trilinos is compiled on a cluster using the same modules used for compiling svFsi.

Best regards,

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Jongmin Seo
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Re: Problems using svFSI compiled with Trilinos

Post by Jongmin Seo » Mon Dec 10, 2018 6:02 pm

Hi Christian,

I will be looking at this issue and get back to you. Please allow me some time to examine. Thanks!