CAD file

Provide a comprehensive data set with associated models that will enable researchers to validate musculoskeletal model estimates of muscle and joint contact forces in the knee.
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Sander Holthof
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CAD file

Post by Sander Holthof » Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:58 am


I'm planning on using the grand challenge implant design for my undergraduate research project.
The project is based on performing an FEA analysis of a knee implant and I'd like to use this design.
The problem I have is that the geometries are too complex to convert the stl files into a solid body or surface.
Would it be possible to provide me with a file format that is compatible with Solidworks (or something similar), since that is the program i was planning on using.

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Ed Morra
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Re: CAD file

Post by Ed Morra » Fri Jan 19, 2018 9:13 am

In my experience, if you want a clean solid model you will have to build it from scratch in SolidWorks,and use the STL files as a 3D reference to check your work.

Alternatively, you can use MeshLab to strip away the triangles from the STL file, leaving the vertices behind to form a cloud of points representing the component surfaces. SolidWorks will create a very patchy NURB surface to fit the points, it is not elegant but it often works. There are better point cloud to geometry packages out there though, but it is usually more fiddling around then just building models from scratch.

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