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Primary Publication
Y. Pauchard, T. Fitze, D. Browarnik, A. Eskandari, W. Enns-Bray, H. Pálsson, S. Sigurdsson, Stephen J. Ferguson, Tamara B. Harris, V. Gudnason and B. Helgason. "Interactive Graph-Cut Segmentation for Fast Creation of Finite Element Models from Clinical CT Data for Hip Fracture Prediction." Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering vol. 19(16):1693-1703. (2016)  View
Related Publications
B. Helgason, S. Gilchrist, O. Ariza, P. Vogt, W. Enns-Bray, R. P. Widmer, T. Fitze, H. Pálsson, Y. Pauchard, P. Guy, S. J. Ferguson, and P. A. Cripton. "The influence of the modulus-density relationship and the material mapping method on the simulated mechanical response of the proximal femur in side-ways fall loading configuration." Medical Engineering and Physics 38(7):679-89. (2016)  View