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Primary Publication
Halloran, J. P., Erdemir, A., van den Bogert, A. J., Adaptive surrogate modeling for efficient coupling of musculoskeletal control and tissue deformation models. J Biomech Eng. 2009 Jan;131(1):011014. (2009)  View
Related Publications
Erdemir, A., Sirimamilla, P. A., Halloran, J. P., van den Bogert, A. J., An elaborate data set characterizing the mechanical response of the foot, J Biomech Eng. 2009 Sep;131(9):094502. (2009)  View
Tawhai M, Bischoff J, Einstein D, Erdemir A, Guess T, Reinbolt J., Multiscale modeling in computational biomechanics, IEEE Eng Med Biol Mag. 28(3):41-9. (2009)  View
Halloran JP, Ackermann M, Erdemir A, van den Bogert AJ. Concurrent musculoskeletal dynamics and finite element analysis predicts altered gait patterns to reduce foot tissue loading. J Biomech. 2010 Jun 21. (2010)  View