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Primary Publication
Chodera JD*, Singhal N*, Swope WC, Pande VS, and Dill KA. Automatic discovery of metastable states for the construction of Markov models of macromolecular conformational dynamics J. Chem. Phys. 126(15):155101 (2007). * These authors contributed equally to the work. (2007)  View
Related Publications
Chodera JD, Swope WC, Pitera JW, Seok C, and Dill KA. Use of the weighted histogram analysis method for the analysis of simulated and parallel tempering simulations. J. Chem. Theor. Comput. 3(1):26-41, 2007. (2007)  View
Chodera JD, Swope WC, Pitera JW, and Dill KA. Long-time protein folding dynamics from short-time molecular dynamics simulations. Multiscale Modeling & Simulation, Special Section on Multiscale Modeling in Biology, 5(4):1214-1226, 2006. (2006)  View