Primary Publication
Muscle Forces at the Hip during Squatting Exercise Shelburne, KB; Decker, MJ; Krong, J, Torry, MR; Philippon, MJ. Trans Annu Meet Orthop Res Soc, ISSN 0149-6433. (2010)
Related Publications
Hip Joint Forces during Squatting Exercise Predicted with Subject-specific Modeling Shelburne, KB; Decker, MJ; Peterson, D; Torry, MR; Philippon, MJ, Trans Annu Meet Orthop Res Soc, ISSN 0149-6433. (2010)
The Impact of Hip Implant Positioning on Muscle and Joint Loading During a Dynamic Step Down. 2016. Casey A. Myers, Kevin B. Shelburne, Peter J. Laz, Dana L. Judd, Cory L. Christiansen, Jennifer Stevens-Lapsley, Paul J. Rullkoetter. Orthopaedic Research Society, Orlando. (2016)

The alignment of the acetabular cup and femoral components directly affects hip joint loading and potential for impingement and dislocation following total hip arthroplasty (THA). Changes to the lines of action and moment generating capabilities of the muscles as a result of component position may decrease overall patient function. Native hip anatomy following THA is typically not fully restored compared to the contralateral hip, however, the extent of the impact on hip joint loading during daily activities is not known. The aims of this study were to determine the impact of cup and femoral component placement on hip joint contact forces and muscle forces during a high demand step down task and to identify the critical alignment parameters that impact hip joint loading.