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Unique Users1

Additional GPL source code300207122
Gromacs and FFTW for Zephyr 0.819499122
Gromacs and FFTW for Zephyr 0.2119119
0penMM Zephyr13071214518214
Zephyr 2.0786737259201
Zephyr 1.126825910214
Zephyr 1.02200
Zephyr 0.9172156784
Zephyr 0.8140136651
Zephyr 0.57151450
Zephyr 0.4129106570
Zephyr 0.311110
Zephyr 0.211110
Zephyr 0.11297
OpenMM Zephyr Beta66
1.2.0 Beta11
1.0beta beta211
Zephyr 0.9.4 Beta22
Zephyr 0.9 Beta22
Zephyr 0.8 Beta44
Zephyr 0.7 Beta11
Zephyr 0.6.4 Beta33
Zephyr 0.5.033
1Downloads where user information was not gathered count as one user. May include hidden packages.
2Includes both files and links. A file downloaded multiple times by the same user counts as one
3Number of users that downloaded a file in this category
*Number of users that clicked on a link (only tracked since June 2010)