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Feb 21, 2013

OpenMM 2013 Visiting Scholar Program

By Joy Ku

The OpenMM 2013 Visiting Scholar Program will select up to three individuals this year to visit Simbios at Stanford University for a 4-week period between August and November to advance their OpenMM projects.

OpenMM ( is an open-source software project led by Dr. Vijay Pande that enables molecular dynamic calculations to be accelerated on high-performance computer architectures. It includes an application layer that allows non-programmers to easily and quickly run molecular dynamics simulations and develop custom algorithms on GPUs, while programmers can incorporate the accelerated calculations of the OpenMM library into their own applications.

Each visiting scholar will receive up to $7000 to cover their travel and living expenses. During their visits, awardees will receive training and mentoring to help them achieve their goals. They will have the opportunity to participate in formal meetings and in discussions with OpenMM experts.

DEADLINE: Monday, April 8, 2013

To apply and learn more, visit