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Oct 16, 2013

OpenMM 5.2 Available

By Joy Ku

We are pleased to announce OpenMM version 5.2. With this version, the performance of simulations continues to improve. See benchmarks at In addition, we have a number of new features, including:

* Drude oscillators - enables incorporation of polarizable force fields
* The MonteCarloAnisotropicBarostat - allows the scaling of only one axis of the periodic box during a Monte Carlo move, so the box can change shape and size over the simulation
* Enhanced CustomNonbondedForce - you can now limit interactions to only specific groups of particles, specify a long range truncation correction, and more
* Enhanced NonbondedForce - now supports a switching function with Lennard-Jones interactions, which is useful when very precise energy conservation is needed
* Support on Intel’s integrated GPU core - the OpenCL platform can now run on the integrated GPU cores on recent Intel processors running Windows

For a full list of features and bug fixes or to download the latest version, visit