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May 15, 2013

Introducing the OpenMM Script Builder Web Application

By Joy Ku

We are excited to announce the availability of a web application for running simulations with OpenMM - OpenMM Script Builder. OpenMM Script Builder makes it even easier for you to generate scripts detailing exactly how to run your simulation:

  • Pull-down menus - Easily find out what options are available and valid for a given field

  • Pop-up tips - Learn exactly what information is required for each field without checking the manual.

  • Smart GUI - Not all parameters are valid in all situations, e.g., with a specific force field or platform. The GUI hides irrelevant
    fields, simplifying your script-building process.

  • Live script building - Parameter changes you make in the web application are immediately reflected in the script, so you can learn how to write a script on your own.

OpenMM Script Builder is compatible with OpenMM 5.0 and newer. Try it out yourself: