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Nov 03, 2009

NAST now runs on 64bit Unix and Mac OSX Snow Leopard.

By Magdalena Jonikas

You can now build and install NAST on 64bit unix machines and Mac OSX machines running snow leopard.

**For 64bit unix**
Download the library called "libOpenMM_static.a" which you will find under the source files section on the NAST downloads page. Replace the file with the same name in the nast-0.5/lib/linux/ directory. Then build, install, and test as described in the instructions.

**For Mac OSX snow leopard**
You will need to use the 2.5 version of python on your snow leopard machine (default is 2.6). To change the default, type the following into your terminal:
defaults write Version 2.5
If you do not want to change the default python, make sure you python "python2.5" instead of "python" every time you run a NAST-related python command.
You will also need to download the "libOpenMM_static.a" file which you can find under the Mac OSX heading on the downloads page. Be sure to remove the extra " for snow leopard" from the file name when you download it. Place this file in the nast-0.5/lib/osx/ directory.