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Apr 08, 2013

NMSBuilder: musculo-skeletal modelling software beta version

By Debora Testi

NMSBuilder is a user-friendly tool package for developing OpenSim musculoskeletal models from patient-specific biomedical data and for leveraging OpenSim to perform dynamic simulations of movement. The NMSBuilder beta release is now available for you to download for free.

The NMSBuilder software has wide potential applications within the biomechanical community. The application is primarily intended for biomechanics researchers with different backgrounds who use or wish to use OpenSim and deal with subject-specific scenarios at different levels in the modeling workflow of the musculoskeletal system. In addition, the software can be used as a powerful tool for editing, visualizing, fusing and managing biomedical data coming from different sources. The software is particularly suitable to simplify and speed up the data processing and model development framework using different types of subject-specific biomedical data.

In particulatr, NMSBuilder allows researchers to:

- import a variety of patient-specific data including medical images, motion analysis data etc.
- visualize the data
- process them to build a full scale musculo-skeletal model
- create OpenSim models guided by a user-friendly wizard
- run OpenSim simulations and reload back the results

The software is released for free together with documentation, and test data.