Provide a simple and time efficient way to extract raw gait data from a C3D file

License: GaitExtractToolbox

This toolbox is of benefit to musculoskeletal modellers in the field of biomechanics / bioengineering to assist extracting kinematic, kinetic, and EMG information directly from a C3D file for Matlab manipulation or for input to OpenSim biosimulation software. The scripts can be configured for any laboratory configuration. This software is free without warranty but I do ask for acknowledgement if used in publications. Free download is available with documentation and two examples included.

Main features of this script include:

Custom markerset extraction
Foot-plate detection algorithm
Kinetic extraction (ground reaction forces / moments)
Center of pressure calculation
Transformation to customizable model coordinate system
Custom EMG acquisition & processing tools
XML file production (for OpenSim)
Lab customizable

The scripts require Motion Labs C3D Server software (freeware) and XML Toolbox (Marc Molinari)(freeware) which is included with the script download. Also requires Matlab 2008 or greater (32 bit only) with the Signal Processing Toolbox.

Additional C3D software may be useful and these are available at http://www.c3d.org/c3dapps.html. Review the included manual for version updates and additions. Please inform me of bugs / suggestions to improve as this will be an ongoing project.

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