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Provide a tutorial and hands-on tutorial models for agent-based pharmacometric modeling.

The tutorials in this publication outline the development and simulation results of three agent-based (AB) models: a pharmacokinetic (PK), pathology, and pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PKPD) models. 1) The AB PK model uses a two-compartment system, including five agents that transfer, store, and record simulation information. 2) The AB pathology model includes a Morbidity agent and Symptom information. 3) The AB PK/PD model integrates the two earlier models and allows the user to delivery an intervention Dose that diminishes Symptom until Dose is cleared.


The three models are developed with Java, using the MASON multi-agent simulation toolkit. The AB PK model can be used to reproduce Figure 3 results. The AB pathology model can be used to reproduce Figure 4A results. The AB PK/PD model can be used to reproduce Figure 4B-E results. We encourage readers to expand upon and repurpose the models for additional use cases.

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