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Provide a Kalman smoothing algorithm for inverse kinematics.

License: KS Setup file, KS Source

This project is a Kalman smoothing algorithm for inverse kinematics. Kalman smoothing improves the estimation of joint kinematics and kinetics in marker-based human gait analysis. Kalman smoothing is an alternative for the global optimization algorithm implemented in the Inverse Kinematics Tool distributed with the OpenSim installation and requires the same input and setup files. Optionally, additional parameters describing the measurement noise and the smoothness of the motion can be specified in the setup file. The algorithm is described in detail in De Groote et al. (2008).


New version with extended features available (July 17, 2014).

This project provides the header and source file for the Inverse Kinematis Tool based on Kalman smoothing as well as an executable that can be called from the command line. Additionaly, instructions and a set-up file to be used with the Gait2354 example distributed with OpenSim are provided.

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