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The aim of this project is to provide a model to estimate muscle, ligament and knee joint loading related to various gait activities

License: Model with Knee Ligaments

This project contains an OpenSim model with enhanced knee structures, which based on the a lower extremity model with a torso and back joint (Delp et al. 1990; Anderson and Pandy 1999). The knee joint in this model included three rotations and three translations. The three knee rotations and mediolateral translation were independent, with proximodistal and anteroposterior translations occurring as a function of knee flexion/extension. Ten elastic elements described the geometrical and mechanical properties of the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments, and the medial and lateral collateral ligaments.


The model described in the publication is available for download. This model can be used to estimate muscle, ligament and knee contact force during various gait activities.

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