The MIcro Simulation Tool is free software to support disease modeling. It is a Monte-Carlo micro-simulation compiler that employs High Performance Computing. MIST has unique population generation capabilities. MIST runs over the cloud!

The MIcro Simulation Tool is free software that allows the user to :
* Define state transition models with multiple processes
* Generate populations to match given statistics using Evolutionary Computation
* Run Simulations in High Performance Computing environment - including the cloud
* Analyze and Report the results

Below are some videos that describe MIST capabilities:

This video shows the basic ideas behind MIST

This video will show how MIST runs over the cloud:

The Reference Model is one examples of use of MIST. It can be found in the following link:


The MIST software is hosted on GitHub, and includes examples of use, documentation, and a test suite. This project links to those resources.

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