The MIcro Simulation Tool is free software to support disease modeling. It is a Monte-Carlo micro-simulation compiler that employs High Performance Computing. MIST has unique population generation capabilities. MIST runs over the cloud!

The MIcro Simulation Tool is free software that allows the user to :
* Define state transition models with multiple processes
* Generate populations to match given statistics using Evolutionary Computation
* Run Simulations in High Performance Computing environment - including the cloud
* Analyze and Report the results

Below are some videos that describe MIST capabilities:

This video shows the basic ideas behind MIST

This video shows some population generation capabilities using Evolutionary Computation:

This video will show how MIST runs over the cloud:

This video will show how MIST modeled COVID19 in Pandemic Response Hackathon

The Reference Model is one examples of use of MIST. It can be found in the following link:

MIST version is released to the public. It has limited capabilities. For later versions with enhanced capabilities, please contact the developer.


The MIST software is hosted on GitHub, and includes examples of use, documentation, and a test suite. This project links to those resources.

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