This project deals with the calibration of foot-ground and subject-exoskeleton models to then predict new subject-exoskeleton collaborative movements and their forces.

License: Code and its description, Supplementary Material

We developed a calibration process to estimate the parameter values of foot-ground contact and subject-exoskeleton contact models, so that these models can reproduce experimental data of sit-to-stand trials with the exoskeleton in passive mode. Then, we can predict new sit-to-stand movements of the subject wearing an exoskeleton in active mode.

This project provides the code used to run the three phrases described in the manuscript (https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/8744250). Phase A: foot-ground contact model calibration; Phase B: subject-exoskeleton contact model calibration; Phase C: prediction of collaborative movement and subject-exoskeleton interaction forces. It also contains a description of the code and the experimental data (motion capture, ground reaction and subject-exoskeleton data).