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Developing a vision for executing scientifically useful virtual biomedical experiments

Envision a biomedical R&D landscape in which researchers plan detailed wet-lab experiments and execute them in a virtual laboratory—all before putting on their lab coat. They choose virtual reagents, lab equipment, and specimens; they implement virtual protocols and take virtual measurements using virtual instrumentation. They use the results of virtual experiments to design new or refocused wet-lab experiments, which they then conduct in a physical laboratory.

This is the virtual biomedical experiment (VBE) vision. A virtual biomedical experiment is a simulation of a wet-lab or clinical experiment. When developing a VBE, the modeler aspires to mimic particular relevant aspects of the referent experiment—from hypothesis formation to data analysis, and key concepts in between—not just features of the underlying biological processes.


We provide links to several papers describing and/or employing critical aspects of the VBE vision.

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