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2781[data share] Update email sent when download results are ready for retrieval  2019-05-11 01:03Tod HingJoy Ku
2749[data share] Change folder naming convention  2019-03-25 22:27NobodyJoy Ku
2747[data share] Capitalization issues with query  2019-03-25 22:10Tod HingJoy Ku
2600Unable to access file  2017-11-01 19:04Henry KwongJoy Ku
2797[data share] Notify user if malformed metadata file uploaded  2019-05-16 21:31NobodyJoy Ku
2793[data share] Queries do not work correctly with metadata at different levels  2019-05-16 21:05NobodyJoy Ku
2791[data share] Make e-mail message for query results more visible  2019-05-16 19:59NobodyJoy Ku
2790[data share] Make query results file provide clearer descriptions  2019-05-16 19:56NobodyJoy Ku
2788Redundancy in Downloads pulldown menu  2019-05-16 16:55NobodyJoy Ku
2752[data share] Need method to verify files have been uploaded correctly  2019-03-26 00:18NobodyJoy Ku
2751[data share] Issues with metadata and indexing  2019-03-26 00:17Tod HingJoy Ku
2750[data share] Provide metadata creation script  2019-03-25 22:29NobodyJoy Ku
2746[data share] Statistic data availability  2019-03-25 22:05Tod HingJoy Ku
2742[data share] Is it possible to upload a tar.gz file and have it unpacked on the server side?  2019-03-25 21:57Tod HingJoy Ku
2532[Reports] Geography of Use statistics differ from previous ones  2017-04-26 22:07Henry KwongJoy Ku
2458Wiki Internal Server Error caused by user preferences.  2016-11-04 18:20Henry KwongHenry Kwong
2803[data share] Update display when accesing a study  2019-05-16 21:46NobodyJoy Ku
2802[data share] Allow uploading of dataset without metadata  2019-05-16 21:44NobodyJoy Ku
2801[data share] Add a link to the Admin page on Admin->Tools submenu  2019-05-16 21:41NobodyJoy Ku
2800[data share] Support on IE  2019-05-16 21:40NobodyJoy Ku
2799[data share] Admin Edit and Add pages are not consistent  2019-05-16 21:39NobodyJoy Ku
2798[data share] Update dependencies   2019-05-16 21:32NobodyJoy Ku
2795[data share] Enable designated files to always be downloaded  2019-05-16 21:15NobodyJoy Ku
2794[data share] Hide headers if not data available  2019-05-16 21:15NobodyJoy Ku
2792[data share] Consolidate code for Admin & View pages  2019-05-16 21:00NobodyJoy Ku
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