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2010-08-06 23:27
Submitted by:
Ajay Seth (aseth)
Assigned to:
Ayman Habib (aymanh)
OpenSim maintains ownership of states file written from failed CMC

Detailed description
When CMC fails and the contents of the Storage up to the point of failure is written to disk, OpenSim maintains a lock on the file even when CMC has been terminated. Only solution is to restart OpenSim.

Also probably related, one rerunning the CMC tool (i.e. with different settings) results in immediate tool failure.

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Date: 2010-08-26 01:39
Sender: Samuel Hamner

nevermind my previous comment. just saw that Ajay already posted this bug :-)

Date: 2010-08-26 01:38
Sender: Samuel Hamner

Ayman, I also just noticed that the states file saved when CMC fails has an incorrect header, and causes an error when you try to plot it in the plotter. I can edit it by hand to get it to work. I have attached an example of a failed states file. Notice "nRows=0", "nColumns=1" and there is no "endheader" line. If I correct these 3 things it works, so hopefully this is just an easy fix.

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