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2012-03-23 00:40
Submitted by:
Samuel Hamner (samner)
Assigned to:
Ayman Habib (aymanh)
RRA Tool causes OpenSim to hang if you close model before Tool

Detailed description
If I try to close the model associated with the Tool before closing the RRA tool, I get a nice message "Model used by tool is being closed. Closing Tool", but when I click OK, the message reappears over and over again indefinitely and I have to force close OpenSim. It should just close the tool as it says it's going to do.

Note: I even checked to see if this was a permissions issue. Running as administrator I saw the same behavior.

I have attached a screen shot showing what it looks like.

To recreate, perform the following steps:

(1) Open the Leg6Dof9Musc.osim model (e.g., C:\OpenSim240_VC10E\examples\Leg6Dof9Musc)

(2) Open the Reduce Residuals tool.

(3) Load the settings file for RRA called leg69_Setup_RRA.xml located in examples\Leg6Dof9Musc\Stance\Reference (note you make have to correct a few of the paths to specified files in the tool by hand).

(4) Run the tool. Shorten the time interval to save yourself some time.

(5) KEEP THE TOOL OPEN. Close the models. This is where I get the message that does not go away.

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