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2014-03-19 15:57
Submitted by:
Ryan Bakker (rbakker)
Assigned to:
Ayman Habib (aymanh)
Static Optimization Does not work with ligament object

Detailed description
I have added an ACL ligament to a modified 2392 model. The the visualizer renders the ligament and I can calculate the force of the ligament for a prescribed motion with the analyze tool. CMC will simulate with the ligament. In Opensim3.2 Static optimization crashes and closes the program.

I have also tried adding different springs in place of a ligament element but have gotten the same result.

I have included in my files,

1: A model including a ligament
2: A model including a path spring
3: setup files for CMC
4: setup files for SO
5: output files from RRA (for the kinematics file)

I am wondering if I have made a mistake in the implementation or if SO can not handle non-muscle forces.

Thank you for your time.
-Ryan Bakker

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Size Name Date By Download
330 KiBP5_simbody_adjusted Ligament.osim2014-03-19 16:03rbakkerP5_simbody_adjusted Ligament.osim
5 KiBP5_Setup_SO.xml2014-03-19 16:04rbakkerP5_Setup_SO.xml
2 KiBP5_CMC_grf.xml2014-03-19 16:04rbakkerP5_CMC_grf.xml
265 KiBP5_RRA_Kinematics_q.sto2014-03-19 16:05rbakkerP5_RRA_Kinematics_q.sto
705 KiBP5_K.mot2014-03-19 16:06rbakkerP5_K.mot
13 KiBP5_CMC_Actuators.xml2014-03-19 16:06rbakkerP5_CMC_Actuators.xml
44 KiBP5_CMC_ControlConstraints.xml2014-03-19 16:06rbakkerP5_CMC_ControlConstraints.xml
58 KiBP5_CMC_Tasks.xml2014-03-19 16:07rbakkerP5_CMC_Tasks.xml
58 KiBP5_CMC_Tasks.xml2014-03-19 16:07rbakkerP5_CMC_Tasks.xml
6 KiBP5_Setup_CMC.xml2014-03-19 16:07rbakkerP5_Setup_CMC.xml
330 KiBP5_simbody_adjusted PathSpring.osim2014-03-19 16:08rbakkerP5_simbody_adjusted PathSpring.osim
Field Old Value Date By
File Added556: P5_simbody_adjusted PathSpring.osim2014-03-19 16:08rbakker
File Added555: P5_Setup_CMC.xml2014-03-19 16:07rbakker
File Added554: P5_CMC_Tasks.xml2014-03-19 16:07rbakker
File Added553: P5_CMC_Tasks.xml2014-03-19 16:07rbakker
File Added552: P5_CMC_ControlConstraints.xml2014-03-19 16:06rbakker
File Added551: P5_CMC_Actuators.xml2014-03-19 16:06rbakker
File Added550: P5_K.mot2014-03-19 16:06rbakker
File Added549: P5_RRA_Kinematics_q.sto2014-03-19 16:05rbakker
File Added548: P5_CMC_grf.xml2014-03-19 16:04rbakker
File Added547: P5_Setup_SO.xml2014-03-19 16:04rbakker
File Added546: P5_simbody_adjusted Ligament.osim2014-03-19 16:03rbakker