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2017-05-01 16:44
Submitted by:
Andrew Brandt (amishrabbit)
Assigned to:
Nobody (None)
Memtest upload does not check CA certs in Windows certificate store

Detailed description
While attempting to upload memory test results to Stanford using memtestG80 I discovered that the utility was unable to send the test results and displayed the following error message:

Uploading data...could not send data after three tries. Please check your network settings.

The test systems are on a lab network in which security appliances perform man-in-the-middle SSL inspection and certificate resigning. Most network-connected applications refer to the system's Certificate Store of certificate authorities to validate the SSL connection but some applications do not do this, including memtestG80.

It appears that this is the cause of the connectivity problem.

On your next update, could you please add support (in at least the Windows version of the binary) for validating SSL certificates by checking the local CA certificate store rather than bailing out of the network connection?

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