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2019-04-05 14:04
Submitted by:
Christopher Pablo Cop (pablocop)
Assigned to:
Nobody (None)
TrialData.lib missing when installing CEINMS from source code (Windows 10)

Detailed description
I am trying to install CEINMS from source code on Windows 10 computer (I am using Visual Studio 2017 and I installed CodeSynthesis XSD 3.3 and the Boost libraries). Building "ALL_BUILD" succesfuly builds the project (i.e. 0 errors) when compiling in 'Release' or 'RelWithDebInfo' modes (an error appears when building in 'Debug', but I will post another issue about that). However, when trying to build "INSTALL", the following error appears:

21>CMake Error at lib/TrialData/cmake_install.cmake:51 (file):
21> file INSTALL cannot find
21> "(myPath)/CEINMS-master/build/lib/RelWithDebInfo/TrialData.lib".

I could not find the TrialData library inside the 'build' folder.

Commenting lines 27-32 of the "(myPath)/CEINMS-master/lib/TrialData/CMakeList.txt" file avoids that error (since TrialData.lib is not installed then) but I do not know if CEINMS will work properly then. Running the Test data did not cause any apparent problem.

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