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2019-06-12 12:40
Submitted by:
Mritula Chandrasekaran (mritula)
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Nobody (None)
Cannot find mocap_2392_geom- Mapclient

Detailed description
I am a beginner with Mocap and Opensim. Im trying to create a customized model for Opensim using Mapclient. I'm following the wonderful documentation given in "";.

"We need to configure some of the plugins to read inputs and write outputs to and from the right places.

4.1. Click the configure icon (gear) on the left-most trcsource step and set the location to:

[workflow folder]\wfdata\FAS-906\mocap\StaticCalibration.trc
4.2. Click the configure icon (gear) on the mocap_2392_geom step and set the Output Directory to:"

When im trying to reproduce the above from the URL I am unable to find the option mocap_2392_geom in the menu.Attaching the screenshot
of the same for your reference. Kindly help me to move forward.

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