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2019-06-28 05:22
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CA Police Chief Scolds State congress for

a california police chief spoke out on "Fox fine friends" Thursday in opposition to a bill that would change the law around the use of deadly force by police officers.

Newman Police Chief Randy Richardson explained that the state assembly's proposal would up and down legal standard for when an officer can use his weapon. today's language states an officer can do so when it is "practical, But the suggestion would change that language to "you have to,

"Of course often there is going to be another way: If we do not respond. That's one way to prevent any sort of force from being used, he said, [url=https://charmdatescamreviews.wordpress.com/tag/hot-russian-women/]slavic ladies[/url] Cautioning that the new law could make officers hesitate before over reacting and hurt efforts to recruit and keep officers.

"Is all of criminal court good? not a chance, usually there are some bad apples out there, But many people are good and we're trying to do the right thing, he was quoted saying, Adding he plans to move out of California in in the future because of "unbelievable" Policies in the state.

He also fondly considered Cpl. Ronil Singh, A legal immigrant from Fiji and father who was murdered last Decemberby an illegal immigranthestopped for dwi.

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