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2020-10-07 20:55
Submitted by:
Brian Tran (b4tran)
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Nobody (None)
Urgent Help Bug Report

Detailed description

I am currently using OpenSim for one a Biomechanics class I am enrolled in at CSULB, so I would truly appreciate immediate attention to my concern. I am having problems using the program.

I will attach a picture for reference. After I load the gait2392 model, it does appear that everything loads correctly in the messages window. Everything else also appears to load correctly except when it comes to the Visualizer. Nothing loads, and the screen is blank, except for the matrix of view options. I believe that an icon should be highlighted blue, one at a time, and in my system multiple icons appear selected. Other than these things, I cannot discern anything noticeable dysfunctional.

Things I have tried to remedy this issue is a computer restart, an uninstallation and reinstallation of OpenSim, and an installation of previous OpenSim 4.0 . None of these appear to work.

I am running OSX High Sierra 10.13.6 on a 13-in MacBook Pro Late 2011. Please see 2nd attached picture for reference.

Thank you very much for any help you can assist with. Thanks!


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Date: 2020-10-07 21:22
Sender: Ayman Habib


This is likely a hardware related issue that we've seen with older MacBooks, not sure what we can do at the moment. Is there a chance you can use a different laptop, or update the drivers? Do you have control over graphics hardware acceleration (to enable it)?

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