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simtk.openmm Namespace Reference




string __author__ = "Randall J. Radmer"
tuple pluginLoadedLibNames = Platform.loadPluginsFromDirectory(os.path.join(version.openmm_library_path, 'plugins'))
tuple __version__ = Platform.getOpenMMVersion()

Detailed Description

Package simtk.openmm

This package wraps the simtk.openmm.openmm module.

When imported, it loads the swig module and then does some magic

to make the POSIX function "dlopen" work on Linux.

It also tries to load any plugin modules it can find.

Variable Documentation

string __author__ = "Randall J. Radmer"
tuple __version__ = Platform.getOpenMMVersion()
tuple pluginLoadedLibNames = Platform.loadPluginsFromDirectory(os.path.join(version.openmm_library_path, 'plugins'))