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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCContextA Context stores the complete state of a simulation
oCContextImplThis is the internal implementation of a Context
oCForceForce objects apply forces to the particles in a System, or alter their behavior in other ways
oCForceImplA ForceImpl provides the internal implementation of a Force
oCfvec4A four element vector of floats
oCfvec8An eight element vector of floats
oCIntegratorAn Integrator defines a method for simulating a System by integrating the equations of motion
oCivec4A four element vector of ints
oCivec8An eight element vector of ints
oCKernelA Kernel encapsulates a particular implementation of a calculation that can be performed on the data in a Context
oCKernelFactoryA KernelFactory is an object that can create KernelImpls
oCKernelImplA KernelImpl defines the internal implementation of a Kernel object
oCLocalEnergyMinimizerGiven a Context, this class searches for a new set of particle positions that represent a local minimum of the potential energy
oCPlatformA Platform defines an implementation of all the kernels needed to perform some calculation
oCSplineFitterSplineFitter provides routines for performing cubic spline interpolation
oCSystemThis class represents a molecular system
oCTabulatedFunctionA TabulatedFunction uses a set of tabulated values to define a mathematical function
oCVec3This class represents a three component vector
oCVirtualSiteA VirtualSite describes the rules for computing a particle's position based on other particles
\CXmlSerializerXmlSerializer is used for serializing objects as XML, and for reconstructing them again