OpenSim::ForcePerturbationFunction Class Reference

#include <ForcePerturbationFunction.h>

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OpenSim::StateFunction OpenSim::Object

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Public Member Functions

 ForcePerturbationFunction ()
 ForcePerturbationFunction (const ForcePerturbationFunction &forceFunction)
 ForcePerturbationFunction (Actuator *act, ActuatorPerturbationIndependent *perturb)
virtual Objectcopy () const
virtual void setIsPerturbed (bool flag)
virtual void setUnperturbedForce (GCVSpline *forceSpline)
virtual const ActuatorgetActuator () const
virtual ActuatorupdActuator ()
virtual double calcValue (const SimTK::State &s) const
 Calculate the value of this function given the current state of the system.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OpenSim::ForcePerturbationFunction::ForcePerturbationFunction (  ) 
OpenSim::ForcePerturbationFunction::ForcePerturbationFunction ( const ForcePerturbationFunction forceFunction  ) 
OpenSim::ForcePerturbationFunction::ForcePerturbationFunction ( Actuator act,
ActuatorPerturbationIndependent perturb 

Member Function Documentation

double OpenSim::ForcePerturbationFunction::calcValue ( const SimTK::State &  s  )  const [virtual]

Calculate the value of this function given the current state of the system.

s reference to a SimTK State

Implements OpenSim::StateFunction.

Object * OpenSim::ForcePerturbationFunction::copy (  )  const [virtual]


Implements OpenSim::StateFunction.

virtual const Actuator& OpenSim::ForcePerturbationFunction::getActuator (  )  const [inline, virtual]
virtual void OpenSim::ForcePerturbationFunction::setIsPerturbed ( bool  flag  )  [inline, virtual]
void OpenSim::ForcePerturbationFunction::setUnperturbedForce ( GCVSpline forceSpline  )  [virtual]
virtual Actuator& OpenSim::ForcePerturbationFunction::updActuator (  )  [inline, virtual]

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