OpenSim::LinearFunction Class Reference

A class for representing a LinearFunction. More...

#include <LinearFunction.h>

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OpenSim::Function OpenSim::Object

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Public Member Functions

 LinearFunction ()
 Default constructor.
 LinearFunction (Array< double > coefficients)
 LinearFunction (const LinearFunction &aSpline)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~LinearFunction ()
virtual Objectcopy () const
 Copy this object.
LinearFunctionoperator= (const LinearFunction &aLinearFunction)
 Assignment operator.
void setCoefficients (Array< double > coefficients)
 Set Coefficients for slope and intercept.
const Array< double > getCoefficients () const
 Get Coefficients.
virtual SimTK::Function * createSimTKFunction () const
 OPENSIM_DECLARE_DERIVED (LinearFunction, Function)

Protected Attributes

PropertyDblArray _coefficientsProp
Array< double > & _coefficients

Detailed Description

A class for representing a LinearFunction.

dependent = slope*independent + intercept

This class inherits from Function and so can be used as input to any class requiring a Fuction as input.

Ajay Seth

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LinearFunction::LinearFunction (  ) 

Default constructor.

LinearFunction::LinearFunction ( Array< double >  coefficients  ) 
LinearFunction::LinearFunction ( const LinearFunction aLinearFunction  ) 

Copy constructor.

All data members of the specified LinearFunction are copied.

aLinearFunction LinearFunction object to be copied.
LinearFunction::~LinearFunction (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

Object * LinearFunction::copy (  )  const [virtual]

Copy this object.

Pointer to a copy of this object.

Implements OpenSim::Function.

SimTK::Function * LinearFunction::createSimTKFunction (  )  const [virtual]

Implements OpenSim::Function.

const Array<double> OpenSim::LinearFunction::getCoefficients (  )  const [inline]

Get Coefficients.

OpenSim::LinearFunction::OPENSIM_DECLARE_DERIVED ( LinearFunction  ,
LinearFunction & LinearFunction::operator= ( const LinearFunction aLinearFunction  ) 

Assignment operator.

Note that data members of the base class are also assigned.

aLinearFunction LinearFunction to be copied.
Reference to this object.

Reimplemented from OpenSim::Function.

void LinearFunction::setCoefficients ( Array< double >  coefficients  ) 

Set Coefficients for slope and intercept.

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