[Openmm-news] Opening for CHARMM programmer

Joy P. Ku joyku at stanford.edu
Wed Feb 13 13:54:40 PST 2013

Our CHARMM collaborators have a job opening for a programmer.  See details



The Department of Chemistry seeks a programmer with significant experience
in algorithm implementation, program development, software oversight,
management and maintenance to work as part of an international team of
scientists on the development and maintenance of the CHARMM software
package, one of the most widely used and distributed molecular simulation
packages in modeling of biological systems. 

The key objectives of the project are: 1) advancing algorithm migration
and development on high performance computing platforms such as highly
parallel computer architectures and graphical processing units (GPUs), 2)
to work with Brooks (University of Michigan) group members, external
CHARMM development groups, most prominently those at Harvard University
and the DOE National Renewal Energy Laboratory, as well as the OpenMM
development project at Stanford University to implement and integrate new
methods and algorithms into the CHARMM package, 3) to continue to maintain
and further the software development, testing and maintenance environment
necessary for CHARMM's future development.

For more information, visit

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