Collaborators Meeting

Date: February 2, 2019

Time: 4:00 PM US/Central

Means: Face-to-face at ORS 2019


  1. Jason Halloran (CSU)
  2. Neda Abdollahi (CSU)
  3. Will Zaylor (CSU)
  4. Carl Imhauser (HSS)
  5. Shady Elmasry (HSS)
  6. Hamid Jahandar (HSS)
  7. Kevin Shelburne (DU)
  8. Donald Hume (DU)
  9. Ahmet Erdemir (CC)


  1. Model Development progress.
  2. Model Calibration specifications.
  3. Manuscript updates.
  4. ORS 2019 workshop final preparation.
  5. CMBBE abstract submissions.
  6. Review of previous action items.
  7. Other.

Immediate Action Items:


  1. Ahmet asked each group about their progress in Model Development. Denver group has completed tibiofemoral joint modeling and now adding the patella mechanism. In a few weeks they expect to be done modeling. Simulations are running and they are on track to deliver the outputs. The team at Cleveland State University completed modeling of one knee geometry and their framework has been done. They are also getting to reference simulations, documenting protocol deviations. They are on track. Hospital for Special Surgery team has modeled the geometries and mapped the ligaments, which took longer than what they anticipated. Deviations are being written. They can push the models out at delivery time. Cleveland Clinic group assembled the models and running some simulations. Convergence will be sought after to achieve the target simulation scenario. Deviations are curated. Ahmet will reach Auckland team to understand their progress. Overall, the teams seem confident to deliver Model Development outputs in April 2019, if not earlier.
  2. Ahmet described the model calibration process and the earmarked data. He noted that not all the earmarked data need to be used for calibration but all of its load cases should be simulated. Will asked about the availability of benchmarking data. Ahmet mentioned that additional data other than the data earmarked for calibration are available for that stage. Ahmet pointed out the details to navigate both earmarked data sets and asked the participants to review and if needed, ask for clarification. Ahmet also asked Kevin to check the description of Natural Knee Data and add information if necessary. Ahmet asked about the timeline to provide Model Calibration specifications. It is currently set for March 2019. Given wrapping up of the Model Development phase at the same time, Hospital for Special Surgery asked for a postponement. Cleveland State University is also in favor of Model Calibration activities to be pushed after Model Development. Denver team also thinks that they can to a better job in writing specifications if development is done first. The participants agreed to move delivery month of Model Calibration specifications to May 2019, after submission of Model Development outputs.
  3. There was no update on JBME submission. Ahmet thinks that JBME annual special issue has been moved to April 2019. Jason is still waiting for reviews from two team on reproducibility potential of modeling studies. He will reach out to these groups. He may need help with the manuscript; he will know better as he starts working on consolidating the reviews.
  4. Carl summarized the state of ORS 2019 workshop. It will be on Monday at 1.30 PM in Ballroom E. Three speakers; Carl, Cheryl Liu (Stryker), and Andrew Baumann (FDA) are scheduled to present. Their handouts were prepared and disseminated. Carl went through the presentations with them last Thursday. He also established contact with BJ Fregly, Jeff Bischoff and Nico Verdonschot for flash opinions. Ahmet noted that he chatted with Jeff and Nico earlier about the flash opinions and emphasized the theme as reproducibility. Jason asked if the teams needed to do anything. Carl prepared a workshop feedback form (double sided page); he asked the help of students and fellows to distribute them to workshop attendees and collect them back. Carl also set up a Google survey but the link is rather long. The teams agreed that paper forms should be sufficient. He has 150 copies. Carl also created a Gmail account,, to receive questions and feedback.

  5. CMBBE 2019 abstract deadline is approaching, February 15, 2019. Ahmet hopes for coherence in abstracts, based on the teams' individual work on Model Development. Jason had idea to report the first hand experience on producing documentation for reproducibility and emphasize what we may have missed. The abstract can be in the form of what we said in specifications against what we actually did, which would be documented in protocol deviations. Groups agreed to conform to this theme. Cleveland State University, Hospital for Special Surgery, and Cleveland Clinic team will be at the conference. University of Denver is opting out. Ahmet will check with Thor.
  6. All previous action items were taken care of.
  7. There was a question on FDA's involvement, in particular if they have done any work on already disseminated information. So far, there was not much traction. Ahmet also noted that there are a lot of publication possibilities in regard to comparisons of workflows and outputs beyond what collaborators at FDA may do.
  8. A gathering in Denver during May-June, after hitting deadlines still makes sense.
  9. The participants unanimously assigned Thor to throw a project close out party for all in New Zealand when the time comes.

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