This is the development site of Open Knee(s) - Generation 2. The development efforts for this generation of Open Knee(s) were organized by Ahmet Erdemir and supported by CoBi Core and BioRobotics Testing Core of the Cleveland Clinic, Simbios of Stanford University, and Musculoskeletal Research Laboratories of University of Utah. This project is currently funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institutes of Health (R01GM104139). If you are a new member ([:InstructionsForProjectSite#Team:How do I become a member?]), please read the following documentation to familiarize yourself with operational details:

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Specific Aims

The ["Roadmap"] provides an overview of specific tasks required to fullfil these aims.

["Specifications"] provide a list of operation procedures to realize specific tasks.

RecurringMeetings provide a schedule of meetings and conference calls between developers, also including meeting minutes.

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